Angela Llewellyn's ALways Deweys Theatre Company Presents:


Christmas, Inc. | 2023

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Christmas, Inc.
2023 Production of the ALways Deweys Theatre Company
Directed by Dani Davis
Written by Brack Llewellyn


Performance Dates & Location:

L.H. Jones Auditorium
Family Resource Center - Mount Airy, NC | Click for Directions
Friday, December 8, 2023: 7:00pm
December 9, 2023: 7:00pm
December 10, 2023: 2:00pm

Admission: Pay what you can... Donations only!

The Play:

In this lighthearted retelling of the Charles Dickens classic, E.B Scrooge is the CEO of a successful toy company. Despite her millions, Scrooge is a terrible boss, denying her loyal employees any Christmas cheer. At her desk n Christmas Eve, the foul-tempered executive is visited by her former partner, Joanne Marley (now retired to the islands). Joanne chastises Scrooge and sends her two spirits (not the original three spirits, due to corporate budget cuts). In the scenes that follow, Scrooge visits her past and her future, seeing her former boss, her only company Christmas party and the home of her poor but proud secretary, Bobbie Cratchit. There’s a happy ending of course, with the Christmas spirit shining bright for Scrooge and the entire cast.

Christmas, Inc.” is the “opening act” for the NoneSuch Playmakers’ holiday production of “The Christmas House.”

The Cast

Jessica Llewellyn Wood as Narrator
Genevieve Quinn as
Zoey Rumsey as Bobbie

Rowan Bunton as
Kezia Bryant as
Ava Chrismon as E.B. Scrooge
Jonas Bryant as Frank
Lily Thomas as
Joanne Marley
Sora Shelton/Micah Bryant as Wallace Finster
Adella Smith as Penny
Alyssa Mitchem as Tim

Special Thanks To:
YVEDDI Surry Senior Centers
J.J. Jones Alumni Association

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