Random Acts: UnInvited Guests | 2004




UnInvited Guests

Random Acts
2004 Production of the NoneSuch Playmakers


Performance Date & Location:

The NoneSuch Playmakers Studio
160 North Renfro Street, Mount Airy
September 10 & 11, 2004: 7:30pm
September 12, 2004: 3:00pm


The Shows:

Nobody Sleeps 
In the dead of night, a part-time burglar breaks into the home of three precocious girls and their mother, who promptly foil his plans with their quirky behavior.

Next to Bobbie 
A struggling career woman's admittedly out-of-control life is further complicated by the visit of a former classmate whose perfect life isn't exactly what it seems.

An Improbable Claus 
An elderly Vaudeville comedian (Brack Llewellyn) living in a rest home takes his turn playing telephone Santa Claus on the "Ho Ho Hotline." His holiday sadness is undone when a 12-year-old girl (Carrie Parker) scales the home's wall in search of Santa. Her visit takes the old trouper down memory lane and brings him new hope.

The Cast:

Angela Llewellyn
Carrie Parker
Maggie Lowe
Denise Nutt (Ward)
Ashley Powell
Brack Llewellyn
Larry Johnson
Carrie Parker
Emily Foster
Jim Lawrence

Special thanks to the Surry County Parks and Recreation Department

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