Political Incorrectness | 2006




An Evening of
Political Incorrectness
2006 Production of the NoneSuch Playmakers
Directed By Brack Llewellyn

Performance Date & Location:

Chateau Morrisette
Visit the Chateau Morrisette website @ thedogs.com | Click for directions.
Call for reservations: 540.593.2865
November 3, 2006


The Production: Two humorous one-act plays with political themes!

The People's Choice
Written and Directed by Brack Llewellyn

A trio of powerful young hotshots try to pull off the political scam of the century. It’s very exciting until everything—and we mean everything—goes wrong.

The Cast: (pictured below)

Brack Llewellyn
Angela Llewellyn
Mary Childress
Jan Lucas
Randall Lucas
Shanna Jones
Joey D. Marion

The Constituent
Written by Ernest Thompson | Directed by Brack Llewellyn

The tale of a crusty old Virginia sportsman, Republican Chas Potter, who lives on a lake, rents boats to people, and writes abusive letters to his Democratic Senator. Set in the 1980's, Senator Bill Blane shows up at Potter's house to confront him, and the pair may find out they have more in common than they think!

The Cast:

Brack Llewellyn
Randall Lucas

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