Rehearsal For Murder | 2009




Rehearsal For Murder
2009 Fall Production of the NoneSuch Playmakers
Adapted for the stage by D.D. Brooke.
From the television play by Richard Levinson and William Link.

Directed by Angela Llewellyn.

Performance Dates & Location:

L.H. Jones Auditorium
Family Resource Center - Mount Airy, NC | Click for Directions
October 30 & 31, 2009: 7:30pm

Chateau Morrisette
Visit the Chateau Morrisette website @ thedogs.com | Click for directions.
Call for reservations: 540.593.2865
November 6 & 7, 2009: 7:00pm


The Plot:

In a darkened theatre, playwright Alex Dennison gathers a group of actors and producers on the first anniversary of his fiancee's death. After poor reviews of her last play, she had committed suicide -- or had she? Dennison thinks otherwise. All of those he has assembled on this fateful night were involved with the dead woman. With the theatre doors securely locked, Dennison forces the assembled thespians to act out a new drama, designed to expose a murderer. But who done it?

Rehearsal For Murder" was an award-winning film for television in 1982. The play is alive with snappy dialogue, vivid characters, ever-mounting suspense and more twists and turns than a deserted mountain road at midnight!

The Cast:

Kevin Wilson
James Bell
Angela Llewellyn
Jane Tucker
Will Bryant
Amanda Wilson
Scott Carpenter
Zack Freeman
Heather Elliott
Tom Beckom
Toby Bunton

And introducing:
Jessica Llewellyn as the voice of Loretta

The Crew:

Billie Jo Boyd
Jessica Llewellyn
Janine Wolfe


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Questions about this show:
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