The Constituent & Debatable | 2018




The Constituent
& Debatable

2 Hilarious One-Act Productions of the NoneSuch Playmakers
Directed by Brack Llewellyn


Performance Date & Location:

Cross Creek Country Club
Mount Airy, NC | Click for Directions
(Private Performance) 
Saturday, November 17, 2018: 7:00pm 


The Plays:

The Constituent — North Carolina resident Chas Potter (Brack Llewellyn) has written complaint letters to his senator for decades. When senator Bill Blane (Brian Greene) pays Potter a visit, the fur begins to fly!

Debatable—Rusty Milford (Brack Llewellyn) and Jean Milford (Cindy Marion) debate for the position of 3rd district councilman - or council-person. The problem: they're divorced! The debate moderator (Angela Bryant) has her hands full as the ex-couple have the debate of the century!

Watch DEBATABLE here!

The Crew
Jessica Llewellyn & Angela Llewellyn



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