Uncle Charlie's Christmas Carol | 2022




Uncle Charlie's Christmas Carol
2022 Production of the NoneSuch Playmakers
Adapted by Brack & Angela Llewellyn


Performance Dates & Locations:

  L.H. Jones Auditorium
Family Resource Center - Mount Airy, NC
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Tickets are pay-what-you-can! (Cash only, please.)
A portion of the proceeds benefits the Surry Senior Center!
Friday, December 9, 2022: 7pm
Saturday, December 10: 7pm
Sunday, December 11: 2pm



The Plot:

It’s November 1843, and in the London study of Charles Dickens, writer’s block has struck! His annual Christmas story is due in a matter of days, and the famed author is struggling. He wants to tell the story of the poor and desperate in the city, but for the first time in his illustrious career, words fail him!

Enter Margaret and Elizabeth, two of Dickens’ adolescent nieces. The girls have come to London for a week’s visit with their beloved Uncle Charlie and Aunt Catherine. The aspiring young writers learn of their uncle’s plight and hatch a plan to help him write his story.

As the trio of scribes collaborates, the classic tale that we know as “A Christmas Carol” comes to life in Dickens’ study. The familiar characters enter and exit and the writers move in and out of the scenes, making subtle changes and crafting the world’s most famous ghost story. It’s “A Christmas Carol” as you’ve never seen it before!

*Green Denotes Newcomer to the NoneSuch Playmakers

The Cast:

Charles Dickens/Scrooge:
David Nielsen
Catherine Dickens, his wife:
Angela Llewellyn
Harriet, the Dickens' Maid: 
Angela Bryant
Margaret Holroyd, Charles' neice: 
Salem Poindexter
Elizabeth Holroyd, Charles niece:
Ava Chrismon
Bob Cratchit, Scrooge's clerk:
Jake Pack
Charity Worker #1:
Janelle Matzdorf
Charity Worker #2:
Dani Davis
Jacob Marley's Ghost:
Brian Greene
Ghost of Christmas Past:
Jessica Llewellyn
Fan, Scrooge's sister:
Adella Smith
Boy Scrooge:
Jecht Shelton
Fezziwig, Scrooge's past employer:
Toby Bunton
Belle, Scrooge's past fiancee:
Noel Bryant
Young Scrooge:
Rowan Bunton
Ghost of Christmas Present:
Chris Powell
Mrs. Cracthit, Bob's wife:
Olivia Jessup
Martha Cratchit, Bob's daughter: 
Alyssa Mitchem
Belinda Cratchit, Bob's younger daughter:
Kezia Bryant
Peter Cratchit, Bob's older son: 
Jonas Bryant
Tim Cratchit, Bob's younger son:  
Xavier Aviles
Meredith Dowdy

Angela Bryant

Billie Jo Smith
Fred, Scrooge's nephew:
Branden Macie
Emilyn, Fred's wife:
Rachel Macie
Topper, Fred's best friend:
Timmy Carpenter
Anne, Topper's Fiance:
Lily Thomas
Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come:
Bill Covard
Three Gossips/Businessmen:
Toby Bunton, Brian Greene, & Timmy Carpenter
Goose Boy:
Pete Bryant

Special Thanks:

Sound: Brack Llewellyn
Costume Goddess: Angela Llewellyn
Costumes and Alterations: Victoria Sales
L. H. Jones Alumni Association
Jones Family Resource Center

 Based on the story by Charles Dickens, "A Christmas Carol"


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